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Application Deadline: June 10, 2024

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Benefits You Can Get in Dibimbing Studi Independen Bersertifikat Program

Conversion Up to 20 Credits

Receive direct guidance from professional practitioners and convert up to 20 credits (SKS)

International Certification

Validate your skills through internationally recognized certification exams.

Free Bootcamp Access

Enjoy the opportunity to learn at a premium bootcamp worth Rp11,999,000 without any cost!

Join the Dibimbing Talent Pool

Gain the chance to connect directly with over 700+ Hiring Partners that are seeking for the best talent.

Online & Flexible Learning

Experience the excitement of learning from anywhere, with unlimited learning convenience!

Studi Independen Program Options that You Can Choose

Data Warehousing:
Modeling And Optimization Techniques

Fundamental Warehousing

Introduction to Python

Data Preparation Using Python

Using GIT


Data Warehouse

Extract Transform Load (ETL)

ETL with Python Airflow


Batch & Stream Basic Concepts

Web Scraping

Data Governance

Business Intelligence: Unleashing The Power Of Data For Better Decision-Making

Introduction to Data & Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse

Extract Transform Load (ETL)

Statistics for Analysis


Python for Data Analysis

Business Intelligence Case Study

Data Visualization

Performance Marketing: Crafting Effective Campaigns For Audience Conversion

Introduction to Performance

Performance Marketing

Landing Page

Ads Tracking

Google Ads

Social Media Ads Content

Social Media Ads

Ads Analysis & Reporting

Soft Skill

Final Project

Each topic is equipped with Soft-Skill training, Career Preparation, and Final Project

Pre Conditions for Participation

  1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
  2. Active student
  3. From all universities registered in PDDikti
  4. From the following education levels (one of):
    • Undergraduate student (D4/S1) at least in the 5th semester in August.
    • Diploma student (D3) at least in the 3rd semester in August.
  5. From all study programs, except health in accordance with Kampus Merdeka regulations
  6. Not expected to graduate from the university by December 20, 2024

Be One Step Ahead in Achieving Your Dream Career with Dibimbing!

Learn with 200+ Expert Mentors

Learn from the best practitioners in the industry for a superior learning experience.

Easy Access to Class Recordings

Enjoy a flexible learning experience by reviewing the material through class recordings.

Proven Learning Materials

Get industry-relevant learning materials that have been validated by 700+ Hiring Partners.

Practical Session with Real Case Projects

Experience a contextual learning experience with real project-based practices.

Intensive Development of Digital Skills & Soft Skills

Unleash your potential with 25+ comprehensive class sessions, including soft skills development and career preparation.

Complete Career Preparation Services

Prepare your career journey starting from CV review, LinkedIn optimization, and interview practice.

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Timeline Program

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Be one step ahead in achieving your dream career with Dibimbing!

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Get to Know Students Who Have Taken Studi Independen Dibimbing!

The mentors are experienced and the delivery is engaging. The materials cover both hard skills and soft skills. Apart from broadening my horizons, I also became more confident in handling Data Engineering projects.


Dimas Wahyu Saputro

Institut Teknologi Sumatera (ITERA)

Even though I don't have an IT background, this program was able to make me understand the world of Data Warehousing. This program has truly helped me understand and get the opportunity to work in the field.


Gabriel Khoirul Huga

Universitas Sebelas Maret

Dibimbing Data Engineering Independent Study is an experience that I am grateful for. I learned a lot of new things, had a lot of fun, and met some great people! The mentors were informative and relatable, the class manager was friendly, and the cla...


Fathur Rahman Syahputra

Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta S1 - Statistics

Meeting friends Dibimbing by MSIB Batch 5 was an exciting moment and allowed me to gain experience and develop new skills. Apart from that, the accompanying mentor is also very supportive in supporting my performance. Thank you, Dibimbing!


Alya Nabila

Diponegoro University D4 - Logistics Management and Administration

Before joining Dibimbing MSIB, I was confused about finding a suitable bootcamp. In the end, I chose the Data Warehousing program from Dibimbing because the curriculum was more comprehensive than the others. I am very satisfied with Dibimbing MSIB D...


Novira Riski Herdian

Universitas Gadjah Mada S1 - Fisika

700+ Hiring Partners in Collaboration with Dibimbing


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